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Dear Fellow Member of HCC,


On February 13th I wrote to inform our members that Hat City Cyclists had arrived at a point where it was unclear that our club could continue to exist.


I explained that the continued existence of our club was in jeopardy because the annual meeting, which we attempted to hold last December 6th, was not attended by a quorum of members, and because we had failed to elect club officers, as required by our bylaws.  I further noted that several of the then current club officers were unwilling to stand for re-election, namely the President, Vice President and Newsletter Editor.  I also explained that the remaining officers (Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chair and Ride Chair), some of whom have served in their positions for a decade or more, were willing to stand for reelection but preferred that others take their places.


I concluded my email by stating, “[I]f you wish Hat City Cyclists to continue, please contact me immediately (well before the end of February) and express your willingness to run for office. We will call an annual meeting if a sufficient number of people express interest in serving as club officers. If this happens, and if an annual meeting is attended by a quorum, the club can continue. If there is not a sufficient expression of interest and commitment, we will dissolve the club (and refund any dues already paid). The ball is in your court.”


We have now reached the end of February and not a single person has stepped forward and offered to stand for election as a club officer.  We have thus reached a point where our bylaws, as well as practical considerations, would appear to require dissolution of the club.


After consultation with my fellow club officers, I hereby declare Hat City Cyclists dissolved, effective March 1, 2018.


Upon the dissolution of a non-profit organization such as HCC it is standard practice to distribute assets to other non-profits with similar or related missions.  The current officers, or at least those of them who wish to participate, will meet to decide how HCC’s assets are to be distributed.



With kind regards,

Alan Stempel

HCC Membership Chair